Writing isn’t hard. It isn’t any harder than ditch-digging.
~Patrick Dennis


For Love or Money

The original Lovewept edition won a Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award (1997).

Book 1, Golden State Hearts Trilogy

“Whoever said a kiss is just a kiss never locked lips with Brent Maddox.”

Small-town practical to the soles of her size fives, high school English teacher Jen Casey has one weakness—she’s never been able to resist a dare. Ergo, when her BFF Candy Johnson throws down the triple-dog dare gauntlet, Jen has no choice but to accept the challenge. She e-mails former-classmate-turned-millionaire Brent Maddox, offering advice for the lovelorn.

But, really. Is it her fault Celebrity Magazine published the e-mail instead of forwarding it?

See, that’s the problem with dares in Jen’s experience—they almost always have dire consequences. Like Brent Maddox showing up on her doorstep—tall and golden and sexy as sin—determined to get payback. Like finding herself a reluctant guest at his sprawling Malibu hacienda, sentenced to a week of the same high life she blames for his romantic snafus.

Of course sparks start to fly. She’s only human, and Brent is an unexpectedly endearing hunk and a half. Unfortunately, Jen isn’t built for quick and steamy affairs. She’s been dreaming of that love of a lifetime man, and now she’s falling fast. She can run before it’s too late, or stay and take the biggest gamble of her life. Brent promises nights filled with passion, but will he ever offer his heart?

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Hunter's Shadow

Book 2, Golden State Hearts Trilogy

He's a wolf in nerd's clothing. She's the PI wannabe determined to uncover his secrets.

Candy Johnson was born to be a PI–sharp, shrewd, and gutsy. Unfortunately, fate didn't get the memo.

Temporarily trapped in a small-town gym teacher's life, Candy is marking time until she can make her big career change, when the mystery that's George Price drops right into her lap. Sure he's got a face and body to die for. He's also got the personality of a three-pound dumbbell and doesn't know his volleyballs from a hole in the ground. If Price is who he claims to be, Candy's Mother Theresa.

When she decides to investigate Donnerton High's newest and most aggravating faculty member, she runs across some very interesting quirks in Pinhead Price's personality–flashes of tall, dark, and dangerous she finds almost impossible to resist. Before long and against all good judgment, she starts to fall, and fall hard, for a man who bears all the earmarks of a wolf in nerd's clothing.

But what will she do when she discovers the shocking truth about George?

Available December 23, 2015.

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Paranormal Thrillers

Amanda's Eyes

Think what you see is what you get? Better think again.

Waking up is the pits when you come to in a hospital with a broken arm, a colorful assortment of abrasions and contusions, and a face swathed in bandages. It's even worse if you can't remember what hit you.

The bad and the ugly are crime reporter Amanda "A.J." Gregson's business. But learning she had a ringside seat for an explosion that vaporized two federal agents, incinerated an entire block of warehouses, and peppered her eyes with so much shrapnel they had to be surgically removed? Well, that gives the darker side of life a whole new meaning.

Haunted by will-o-the-wisp nightmares, A.J. waits for her transplant and struggles to remember the events leading up to the fateful night of September 4, 2075. She isn't the only one who wants that information. Special Agent Jack "Iceman" Eagan is as determined to get the facts as she is to remember them. When memory floods back in brutal detail the night before surgery, fed and reporter form an uneasy alliance against the architects of her personal disaster, a lethal band of killers-for-hire known as Ferrymen.

The Ferrymen. My not-so-magnificent obsession for more than a year. Only a cataclysm could have made me forget. I guess you could call them hitmen. You could also call Einstein a math whiz. Think ruthless. Think unstoppable. Think killers so proficient 'caught the ferry' was fast replacing 'bought the farm' in common usage, and you have the Ferrymen in a nutshell.

A.J. is raring for a rematch with Hell's Boatmen, eager to come out swinging as soon as the bandages come off. But fate has a surprise in store for both her and Eagan. Before long, her new baby blues reveal a power that turns her world upside down--the power to see hidden dimensions of the human heart.

When the Sight unmasks the mastermind behind the Ferrymen, A.J. realizes she's onto a story no one will believe--least of all the ultra-cynical Iceman--and it propels her toward a second head-collision with evil. Will she survive the final encounter?

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Dystopian Sci-Fi

Why Live?

To be, or not to be, the woman you were engineered to be?

For more than four hundred years, all aboard the star cruiser Janus has been sweetness and light. Thanks to advanced techniques and a flawless educational system, life goes on ... and on and on … for the five hundred souls (a.k.a., the Quingenti) who bolted Earth when the Global Assembly refused to legalize human cloning. (Even though it was only supposed to be a temporary fix, a stop-gap strategy adopted until science conquers the Known Span, that one-hundred-twenty-year mortality threshold everybody reaches, but nobody crosses.)

Who knew six lousy words could trigger a rebellion? Especially words as apparently harmless as, "There was only one Ella Fitzgerald." But the words no sooner leave Kai's mouth when the light goes on and the trouble begins. Before long the same truth that rocks her world makes itself known to a handful of others, and at least one of them doesn't have the sense to keep quiet.

When Dr. Ke-Ling Yan, the Colony's lead geneticist and a member of the ruling Council, notifies his colleagues of his intention to move for the abolition of cloning, the once mild-mannered Quingenti reveal themselves as anything but. Believing Ke-Ling to be the only "catastrophically imbalanced" citizen, the deprogrammers try to contain the rebellion via the Alpha Genesis option.

Think microchip, implanted in every colonist's brain. Think excruciating, in extremis, involuntary intervention that wipes the mental hard drive, producing a zombie ready and willing to be reprogrammed, and you have the general idea.

But word gets out before the mind police can make their move, and Ke-Ling takes containment completely off the table with a shockingly public suicide and a ship-wide broadcast designed to open everyone's eyes. In no time at all, life aboard the Janus morphs into an interstellar witch hunt. Every mind will be probed, every secret will exposed, every non-compliant psyche raped.

Will Kai-Lee and her friends be able to hang onto the new lives they've found? Where do you run when you're on a space ship millions of miles from nowhere, and the hounds are closing in?

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