“Writing isn’t hard.  It isn’t any harder than ditch-digging.”
~Patrick Dennis

Romance Novels

For Love or Money


Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner
(Currently out of print, but used copies are available from Amazon)

Don’t miss this laugh-out-loud book by author Kathy DiSanto. Loveswept fans will find it reminiscent of Janet Evanovich‘s classics in this series. For Love or Money pits small-town English teacher Jennifer Casey against Hollywood millionaire Brent Maddox. And it’s quite a toss-up about who will come out on top! Jen can’t resist a dare, especially a “triple-dog-dare.” When Jen’s best friend dares her to write a letter to a former high school acquaintance turned millionaire telling him how to run his life, Jen does it. Never in her wildest dreams does she expect Brent to turn up on her doorstep to exact revenge and offer a dare of his own. (Contains explicit material)

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Hunter in Disguise


(Currently out of print, but used copies are available through Amazon)

George Price may have the right physique to be the new gym teacher, but Candy Johnson has taught high school gym for seven years and knows that something isn’t right. For one thing, George doesn’t know a soccer ball from a volleyball. As a long-time mystery reader, Candy follows her intuition and the tricks of the trade as taught to her by Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, and Mickey Spillane. She’s going to discover what is really going on even if it means getting too close to her subject for her own comfort. But Candy finds that the art of seduction comes as easily as her latent detective skills in this lighthearted romp.  (Contains explicit material)

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Futuristic Thrillers

 Amanda’s Eyes


Waking up is the pits when you come to in a hospital with a broken arm, a colorful assortment of abrasions and contusions, and a face swathed in bandages.  It’s even worse if you can’t remember what hit you.

The bad and the ugly are crime reporter Amanda “A.J.” Gregson’s business.  But learning she had a ringside seat for an explosion that killed two agents of the Continental Intelligence and Investigative Service (CIIS), incinerated an entire block of warehouses, and did so much damage to her eyes they had to be surgically removed?  Well, that gives the darker side of life a whole new meaning.

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Why Live?

Why Live Small

“To be, or not to be, the woman I was engineered to be?”  That’s the question third-generation clone Kai-Lee Fox can’t help asking herself.  And it’s all Ella Fitzgerald’s fault.

For more than four hundred years, all aboard the star cruiser Janus has been sweetness and light.  Thanks to advanced techniques and a flawless educational system, life goes on … and on and on … for the five hundred souls (a.k.a., the Quingenti) who bolted Earth when the Global Assembly refused to legalize human cloning.

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