Amanda’s Eyes Reviews


WOW! I was completely blown away (no pun intended!) by this story! I struggled to put it down!

Amanda (A.J.) is a fantastic character! She is a crime reporter, who has a penchant for finding leads where the police are unable. She is feisty, determined, passionate about her work and a loyal friend. However, one fateful night sees her in the right place but at the wrong time, and she is injured in an explosion.

Set in the future (2075), this is a fantastic, suspenseful thriller that grabbed my attention from the first page! Mind you, I’m a blurb girl, and it completely intrigued me! The cover is very striking too! That blue eye is certainly eye-catching! (pun intended this time!).

I fell in love with the entire story, as it was full of danger, intrigue, mystery, action and even a bit of romance! Even if there wasn’t a paranormal aspect to this story, this book would still be a fabulous thriller in it’s own right. The story is fast paced, without being rushed, and flowed fantastically. The head of the Ferrymen hides in the shadows, but once he is exposed, he’s as deadly as a poisonous snake. I will say one thing for A.J. – she has guts! I’m not sure whether I wanted to cheer her on, or tell her off for taking risks! I was also interested in the future that the author painted so vividly. She made it seem so believable, and real, which scared me slightly! I would certainly love to read more of A.J.’s exploits in the future.

Kathy DiSanto has written an amazing paranormal thriller that has left me wanting more! I highly recommend this book to those of you who love thrillers, or are looking for a completely different kind of paranormal story.


This story takes place in the year 2075 yet most things aren’t too different except for the futuristic gadgets and the miracle of modern medicine. Amanda Joy or A.J. Gregson is a crime reporter working on a big story about the elusive Ferryman- an international assassin of virtually untouchable targets. His calling card is an obituary in a small town newspaper.

When A.J. gets too close and passes on information to the CIIS (Continental Intelligence and Investigative Service) the Ferryman tries to take her out along with the two agents she is working with. A.J. survives the explosion but loses her eyes. Because it is 2075, medicine has improved to the point that new eyes are made for her that are virtually copies of the ones she lost except now she is able to `see’ people as they really are-not how they present themselves to the world.

With this new gift she teams up with the reluctant CII agent Jack `Iceman’ Eagan. When he realizes she will go after the Ferryman with or without his help he decides that she’ll do it with him; that way she just might stay alive. What follows is an explosive, exciting, and entertaining, not to be missed read.

Kathy DiSanto does an excellent job of combining several genres to give readers a really good read. So if you like futuristic Sci-Fi, mystery thrillers with a little romance thrown in then this is one book you will not want to miss. “Amanda’s Eyes” has all the earmarks of being a fantastic series.


What a great book! The Author has outdone herself in portraying a futuristic crime novel that will have you captured from the start. Using the ground breaking science of today and fast forwarding it 60 years when it is all just common place is amazing. Drones, flying cars, nano-technology, credits instead of cash, stem-cell research…it is all there! The characters are living and breathing right along side you as they track down and solve one of the biggest crimes to hit the Tri-America’s and the World.

Amanda (AJ) Gregson, is a Investigative Journalist who is more comfortable in the sleazy back alleyways of the darker sides of town then in any 5-star establishment her mother would wish her to be in. Her brothers saw to that by treating her always as an equal instead of a flower. Much to her parent’s chagrin she is fearlessly chasing down some of the darkest criminals around, not to arrest them, but just for the story. One night her life changes in the blink of an eye, when she gets a little too close for comfort to the Ferryman’s plans…

This book is full of action, mystery, a bit of paranormal and a whole lot of intrigue! I can’t wait for a sequel!


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began the book but was soon spellbound!!! The twists and turns in this book are really great and keep you wanting to keep reading. I found the book hard to put down and was left wanting another book from this author when I finished! I definitely recommend this!


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