Why Live? Reviews


Why Live? is well-written, interesting and surprising (in a good way). Kathy DiSanto asks some serious philosophical questions about the possibilities of genetic manipulation and cloning and the consequences thereof, as well as the meaning of life, and I found myself asking myself many more questions because of the ideas expressed here.

Kathy DiSanto asks many interesting questions in this book about society, but also about cloning. Eg: “genetic sameness never seemed to equal absolute sameness”, cloning is one thing, but we are more than our genes – we are also our family, our friends and our experiences.

The title of the book is extremely apt, why live when your whole life is mapped out and controlled? Why live when you will not be remembered? Why live when you are nothing but a replacement for an individual who lived hundreds of years ago?

Uplifting and profound, I am happy to recommend Why Live? to anyone who enjoys good thought-provoking science-fiction.

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