Writer_ReaderDid you know …

  • An entire library of e-books can fit in your pocket or purse?
  • You don’t need a Kindle, Nook, or Kobo to read e-books?
  • You can read e-books on your phone, tablet, laptop, or even on the web?

Well?  What are you waiting for?  Download the app that’s right for you and start reading!

Kindle Reader for PC
Kindle Reader for Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Kindle Reader for Android
Kindle Reader for Windows

nook for Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
nook for Android
nook for Windows

Kobo for Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPodTouch
Kobo for Android
Kobo for Blackberry 10
Kobo for Windows 8

iBooks through iTunes App Store
Blackberry E-reader

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